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Within this site you will find the full range of Sakuma products which have earned their reputation as one of the U.K. market leaders within the sea fishing sector. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products which are sourced and field tested in the U.K. Being anglers, we know the time, effort and dedication needed to consistently catch fish and how important it is to have terminal tackle that will not let you down.

Some of our recent feedback: 

"Just writing to let you know that having shopped with you on many occasions I would like to say how impressed I am with your service; always on time , post free and clear billing information.  Apart from that your products are second to none, especially your hooks and my favourite Sakuma Shock, which has an elastic quality giving full protection against "snap off".  Well done and even better as I see you are based in Weymouth and it is always good to be able to praise a Westcountry based business." (19/02/13)
"Once again I am most impressed with your service. I ordered some kit yesterday mid afternoon and it turned up first thing this morning." (08/11/12)

"Great site and the goods and service are top notch, without quality items fish like this would not be possible and neither would the smile." (27/09/12)


"Your hooks are superb, and have yet to have any bend out under weight due to the excellent quality you supply. The strength of these hooks is outstanding, many thanks to all at Sakuma. Please keep up all your good work as it is appreciated by many anglers like myself who put tackle to the test week in week out." (03/04/12)


"I must say I was amazed with the size 1 540 Manta hook, not even a sign of it bending and this is the biggest fish (12.1lb Blonde Ray) I have had on that small a hook, I have had Mustad Vikings and Kamasans in much bigger sizes bend on similar size fish." (16/01/12)

The best feedback we could get!!  - Sakuma has been awarded Best Hook Brand 2011 by Total Sea Fishing Readers. http://www.sakuma.co.uk/786/sakuma-best-hook-brand-award  

And again for 2012 http://www.sakuma.co.uk/866/best-hook-brand-2012